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Why You Should Delegate — and Get Your Life Back

If you are a manager, learning how to delegate is one of the best ways you can get to have a real life. Instead of trying to do everything, and putting in 60, 70, or even 80 hour weeks, why not let others in your business help? Here are some reasons why you should start delegating:

Doing so will give you time to grow your business

No, you can’t do it all – and build your company at the same time. If you spend time on tedious tasks that others can easily do, then you are wasting time that could be spent getting your business bigger. If you don’t own your business, but work in a corporation or government agency, this also applies. There are plenty of more important things you could be doing than spending your time on trivial pursuits.

Doing so will show you what’s really important

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Just the task of deciding what to delegate can help you to see what truly matters. Maybe when it comes time to delegate something to somebody else, you may realize that what you were doing really isn’t that important after all, such as doing multiple versions of reports. Too often, we do things because we have always done things. Career coach experts say that shaking things up by consciously thinking about doing them could separate the wheat from the chaff.

Doing so could find better people to do the tasks

You will never know if other employees can do these things better than you until you try. Perhaps you do the inventory, and struggle with them each week. Why not see if one of your staffers could take that over, and save you some time and energy? You will never know all the skills your employees have until you give them such an opportunity to shine.

Doing so will help you be a better leader and improve your communications skills

If you have employees working under you, you won’t be much of a leader if you do everything. Having to delegate tasks, and explain to them what you need done, will help you become a better leader – and a better communicator — as you work on handing off tasks.

Doing so can alleviate stress

Trying to do it all can increase stress and lead to all sorts of issues, including lack of sleep. Once you delegate and learn to let go, you could be sleeping better and night, and feel more relaxed.

Doing so can make your staff thrive

If you have hired smart, capable people, you can see them grow as employees and as people as you give them more advanced tasks to do. If they’re not smart or capable, what are they working for you in the first place?

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