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Why Businesses Should Consider Consulting A Staffing Agency

Using a staffing or a recruitment agency can provide significant value for both employers and jobseekers.

Initial Jobless ClaimsIf you’re a job seeker, a staffing agency can provide more sets of eyes looking to find you a good fit. In light of the most recent economic news, job seekers should seek out every advantage they can.

If you are a business owner, staffing agencies can be a great way to find new temporary or permanent employees. Listing open positions and identifying potential candidates is a lengthy and expensive process, and it can affect your other employees’ workflow as well. If you’re looking to expand your hiring, here are a few ways Michael Cushing of Incepture says that staffing agencies can make sure business owners and managers get the right employee every time.

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Reduced Risk of a Bad Hire

Finding the best job candidates represents a significant investment of time and money to post a job listing, search through resumes and to interview prospective employees. Using a staffing agency can drastically reduce your workload, allowing you to remain focused on your business and rely on the expertise of trained recruiters to identify your best options.

It can be difficult to choose the best candidates, especially in fields that require specific skills that you may not have, like IT or graphic design. And choosing the wrong employee can be a costly mistake with a long-term impact on your business. Human resource professionals estimate that the cost of a bad hire can be between 50 and several hundred percent of their salary, given the indirect cost of team interviews, relocation and training. Staffing agencies can help reduce that impact by only giving you the cream of the crop.

Find the Right Talent

Now Hiring SignIdentifying and reaching quality talent is becoming more and more difficult for many employers. According to U.S. employers, more than 3 million jobs are left unfilled due to a lack of qualified candidates, often because employers do not know how to find high-quality prospects, especially for jobs that require specialized skills. Staffing companies will sift through hundreds of resumes, screen top candidates with interviews and provide background checks to ensure that only high-quality candidates are passed on for your consideration.

Staffing agencies will often offer training to job candidates to meet the demand for skilled workers, meaning that you will receive high-quality candidates even in non-technical positions. Since many companies offer contract or contract-to-hire employees, this will give you an opportunity to observe new employees to ensure they are a good fit with your company.

A Variety of Hiring Options

Staffing firms often take different approaches to finding the right employees for your business. Many offer to handle services like payroll and worker’s compensation for a set period of time. Some focus on finding temporary employees to help fill your needs during peak shopping seasons. A often focuses directly on fields like healthcare and IT to match your company with employees who meet your exact requirements, which saves you the hassle of digging through dozens of resumes to find the right candidate.

Save Money on Hiring

Staffing agencies typically require a fee to provide you with job candidates, but you will usually still save money. In addition to the cost of lost productivity while you’re searching through candidates, hiring a new employee comes with a slew of other costs. Background checks, drug tests and skills tests that must be done before employment all carry a fairly significant cost to a small business. By managing the entire recruitment and employment process, staffing agencies can find the best candidates at much lower cost than most employers are able.

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