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What the Video Interviewer Really Wants

Human Resources

Insider view for candidates on what the interviewer is really looking at in video interviews based on findings from more than twenty in-depth interviews and an online survey of 100+ Sonru users from over 40 client companies.

‘Seeing Candidates’ is the key benefit of video interviewing
When asked of the primary benefit of using Sonru, a myriad of responses along the theme of ‘Efficient and Effective Screening’ i.e. ‘Seeing Candidates’ was selected by almost half of the respondents.

“You can get a real feel for a person – it’s an opportunity to make their CV and application form come alive and display their knowledge and experience in your industry sector. ”

Insider Tip #1: If you’ve got it flaunt it – don’t be shy on sharing your passion, knowledge and experience with the camera.

How Interviewers Assess the Candidate Video Interviews?

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What the Video Interviewer Really Wants image
Overall Performance
80% of respondents selected overall performance adding comments such as “Initial impact and influence, confidence,” and “their personality, their presentability, their attitude, their demeanour,” and “handling of stress.”

Insider Tip #2: Take the Interview seriously – prepare both mentally and physically (dress as if you were attending a face-to-face interview). Look at the camera (eye contact is great), speak clearly and most importantly take as many practice interviews as you need to become familiar with the process.

Testing: Languages & Technical
Over one third of clients interviewed assessed candidates on their language proficiency while over one quarter used Sonru to assess technical know-how.

“It can be difficult to ascertain the depth of technical experience that a candidate has from a CV alone. By conducting technical interviews we were able to bring candidates of a certain technical competence forward for interview.”
“Ability to quickly identify prospective talent through targeted technical questions. ”

“Sonru is excellent for assessing the English literacy and fluency of applicants of the Multilingual roles.”

Insider Tip #3: If it’s a technical role, expect some technical  questions. Don’t worry – if you know your subject, you’ll shine. Sonru is multilingual so you might be asked questions in a variety of languages. Every candidate should expect some form of competency based questions.

Culture Fit & Personality
“Sonru helped me quickly identify who might have a ‘fit’ for the organisation. ”

Over one third of respondents assessed candidates based on culture fit and personality yet 55.6% of respondents answered Yes to ‘When selecting who to hire from your final shortlist, is ‘culture fit’ the key factor?’ This suggests a case for more culture fit assessment in the earlier stages of the recruitment process.

Insider Tip #4: Be yourself!

If you’ve been invited to complete an online video interview, visit the Candidate Information Sheet for more information and to see what you need to get started.

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