What are Human Resources Development Goals?

Human Resources Development Goal is the point at which the success story of a firm begins. In a nutshell, human resource (HR) of a business organization is the capital that drives its success. HR is an intrinsic part of a business without which there really is no business. So ensuring that that resource is taken care of well and is tapped for its talent to the maximum becomes crucial for the organization.

Powers and laws pertaining to HR

The top management level can also be called the Elite group. They are the decision makers of the organization. They include Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief Information Officer. All these posts come with a high level of power along with a huge package of responsibility. Their goals and objectives, plans and strategies affect the entire organization. But the one officer that has maximum impact on the employees is the Chief Human Resources Officer. His decisions and plans can create jobs and reshuffle existing staff. His goals to ensure that the employees are working at an optimum level so that there is maximum profit for the business.

The chief HR officer has to keep up with changes in existing labor laws at both state and country level. Compliance with laws gives the company a good standing with authorities who could be your allies when things become difficult. Knowing what to do and not do vis-à-vis employees gives you an edge over your competitors in an indirect way. Your employees are happy because you can prevent pitfalls and keep the workplace running smoothly. Wages, incentives and compensations have to be accurate so that there aren’t instances of dissatisfaction and litigation. At the end of the day this will lead to a more productive workforce.

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Employment and retention

A major goal of the HR department is employing the right persons for the right job profile. When there is a perfect match between talents and duties only then will the employees perform at their optimum level. This will lead to error-free work done in a short timeframe. Higher efficiency will lead to happier employees. Here, the department also has to ensure the environment in which employees is comfortable and conducive. A happy workforce has a direct impact on increased profits.

Retaining experienced employees is another goal of the HR department that cannot be ignored. Keeping attrition to the minimum through encouragement and incentives is a great way to retain staff. Opportunities for promotions and performance related bonuses are also work very well in retaining good employees. The HR department needs to maintain employee feedback forms and update them at regular intervals. These forms will give an indication of any employee’s dissatisfaction before things get out of control. The department gets the opportunity for correcting the current situation and also to prevent recurrence. The HR department’s main goal is long term retention of human resources that are qualified and experienced.

Indispensability of HR

Human Resource is the mainstay of a business organization. How is a company going to operate without its workforce? A happy worker will be a more profit generating employee. Incentives, when directly related to performance, can generate a lot more than reprimand. Why an employee is under-performing has to be solved at a broader company level rather than resorting to blame game. If every employee in your organization is satisfied with his job profile and remuneration you have created a profitable company.

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