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The New Job Hunt: Differences Between Generations

The job search has become more difficult over the past few years, with people having a hard time finding a job or career that excites them, and in some cases settling for positions that may not be their first choice; but, it’s a job and it pays the bills — for now. The days of the passive job seeker are coming to an end, and the best candidates are treating their job search like a major purchase — even more important than purchasing a new car.

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Now, nearly seven in ten workers search for new opportunities on a routine basis, and the job search differentiates between generations. Millennials are more actively searching for job opportunities than baby boomers, and they’re spending less time on average at a job: 3 years compared to 11 by the baby boomers. Being younger allows millennials to be more flexible when it comes to finding that dream job, and 83% say they would relocate for that right opportunity if it crossed their path.

They’re doing research and learning everything there is to know about the company and job position before they ever hit ‘apply.’ Job search is beginning to resemble consumer buying behavior. Just how consumers check product reviews, candidates are researching potential employers as well. They’re hitting social media sites, and professional networks like LinkedIn, to find out what the company is about. They’re browsing the company website with a fine-toothed comb, immersing themselves in the work the company creates, and what they’re all about.

Searching for a job has changed over the years, and savvy applicants understand they need to be ahead of the curve and learn everything they can to try and snag their dream job.

via: CareerBuilder

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