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5 Ways To Express Appreciation To Employees

Are you the type of employer that appreciates your employees? How often do you let them know when they’ve done a good job? Showing employee appreciation is a critical factor in ensuring that employees work more efficiently, productively, and with more motivation. Showing employee appreciation also increases employee morale and provides incentive for employees to want to do better. Employee appreciation can be more than just a smile and a pat on the back—find out other ways you can show that you value your employees with these tips.

1. Let the Employees Know You Value Them

Sound simple, right? It should be easy, but many managers simply don’t take the time to tell their employees that they hold any value to the company, or fail to act in a way makes employees feel that their work is appreciated. But even little comments can go a long way. Say “thank you” when an employee hands in work, and let them know what you think when you’ve reviewed. Make time for them if they have questions or concerns. Tell them when they’ve done well. Ask them for their ideas or opinions. Listen to them, and encourage them to approach you with ideas of how to make the company run better.

2. Hold Small Celebrations

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When an employee has worked with you for a year, five years, a decade, etc., hold a small celebration in which you thank them for their service, and highlight any special achievements. Additionally, you can also hold small celebrations for achieving company milestones, such as reaching a sales goal or acquiring a new account. Once again, make sure to thank the employees for their help and assistance.

Never take credit for an employee’s work—always give credit where credit is due.

3. Provide Employee Incentive

Employees work harder when they feel that their work is appreciated, and harder still if there is even more incentive. A celebration might be enough to acknowledge their efforts, but a reward they can actually use goes a lot farther towards increasing employee morale and fostering more productivity in the workplace. This type of employee appreciation can be monetary compensation in the form of a small bonus, a gas card, a gift card, an additional discount on store products, etc.

4. Provide Training and Workshops

Employees that can learn while they work are getting more value from their job. By training employees in new software, on new machinery, or in team-building exercises, employees improve their skills and thus their value to you. It’s a win-win situation: employees feel more confident in their abilities, and work towards the betterment of the business. There are also many workshops that can be given for the benefit of both the employee and the business, such as salesmanship, public speaking, or time management.

5. Turn Negatives Into Positives

Not every employee is 100% perfect. They all have strengths and weaknesses, and these often come up during employee reviews. The review process can sometimes leave employees with a bit of distress if they receive any criticism, even in light of mentioning a bunch of positives. To alleviate this, approach the criticism in a constructive, helpful manner. Ask the employee if there is anything he thinks can be done in order to help him improve, or suggest some ideas of your own. Tell him that you would like to help him succeed in his endeavors, and that you are there to discuss any problem he might be having in the workplace that could be affecting his performance.

The employee will likely still need to work on the trait that you find lacking, but he will at least know that you value him as an employee and as a person, and that will provide him with much-needed encouragement and the want to improve.

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  • Great post Valerie! I would add employee incentives don’t need to be monetary. Many times small business owners can’t afford to give bonuses; however, an employee that has been an exemplary team member for a long time can be rewarded with a title bump. That is something that actually does increase the employee’s market value and also provides a wonderful sense of accomplishment for the person. It’s a great way to recognize someone who you value very much.

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