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3 Ways to Remain Optimistic During Your Job Search

Searching for a job can be one of the toughest times of your life – there is a lot of uncertainty, a lot of rejection and you have to learn or gain back the knowledge of interviewing as well as resume writing. To make things even more stressful, searching for a job is very time-consuming and doesn’t pay a paycheck…for the moment.

Running a recruiting firm, I see many job seekers who get overly worn out during the process. This fatigue hurts their thought process which, in turn hurts their interviewing and salary negotiation effectiveness.

However, they are unable to step back and separate their feelings from reality; they don’t realize is that bad events don’t last forever and this plays into the pessimism.

Negative thinking tends to be the main culprit. It’s not that these individual are unintelligent or they lack the necessary skills that employers want, rather they are overly pessimistic about the odds of a successful outcome and this makes them work less and give up more easily.

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In the face of a lot of adversity and even more rejection, there are some ways to remain positive:

1. Look at the source of each rejection. Whether it be a staffing agency or direct hire that doesn’t take you for a job, it doesn’t mean that they as the source of all knowledge and that every interviewer or recruiter is going to reject you going forward.

2. Apply to the right jobs. Part of the reason people get pessimistic during their job search is that they apply to jobs that they are obviously not qualified for, thus they endure more rejection than usual.

Luckily, there are two very easy cures this problem. The first is to read carefully over the job descriptions and spend time on the jobs you realistically meet or learn the skills needed for the jobs you’re applying prior to sending your resume in.

3. Set your goals and do everything necessary to achieve them. When searching for a job, you don’t have time to be pessimistic when you are just focusing on an end goal and doing whatever it takes to get there.

A lot of pessimistic thought processes can be changed via keeping busy.

In the End

The way you think is going to play a significant part regarding how successful you are in your job search. Remember, even in the face of rejection and even when everything around you seems gray, smile and keep working.

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