10 New Ways to Print Business Cards

Business cards are among the most powerful tools in any networker’s arsenal, but they’re often printed without a second thought.  There are many ways to command attention and emblazon your company in your prospects’ memories, but how many times have you considered your business card printing process to be one of them?  From different business card shapes to unique business card materials to new-age digital business cards, the following presents 10 new ways to print business cards you should consider to make a splash with your potential customers.

1. Square business cards

Print square business cards for immediate impact; square business cards are larger than regular business cards (especially if you get jumbo square) and impossible to ignore.

2. Scannable business cards

Print QR codes, augmented reality codes, or some other type of interactive media code on your business cards to make it easy for customers to learn more and follow-up with their mobile devices.

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Square and scannable!

3. Slim business cards

Slim business cards lend the impression that you’re a cutting-edge company.  Though they’re small, they’re notable; and when you hand them out customers can’t help but think of you later.

4. Metal business cards

Metal business cards have been possible for awhile, but it’s only been in recent years that manufacturers have catered to the niche in a cost-effective way.

 Logeen’s metal business card

5. Wood business cards

Like metal business cards, new companies have emerged that specialize in creating wood business cards.  Many can even engrave photos, textures and create die cuts on wood business cards. 

Morgan’s wooden business card

6. Die-cut business cards

Print business cards in any shape to represent an idea, emotion, or a specific aspect of your business to stand out in customers’ minds.

 Tailored shirt die-cut business card

7. Plastic business cards

Frosted plastic, transparent plastic, and color plastic all make attractive business cards that will get the attention of your customer base.

Wodu’s plastic business card 

8. Magnet business cards

Make it easy for customers to remember you every time they go to the fridge for a glass of milk by printing magnet business cards.

9. Folded business cards

Print folded business cards to tell your story on the inside, offer neat product diagrams, or include other sales copy and images that will help you land more deals.

Obviously, a dentist owns this!

 10. Perforated business cards

Attach coupons, VIP passes, or some other incentive to your business cards with perforated tear-offs, and your customers will follow up in a way you can track.

OHLAB’s perforated business cards

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