The Mobile App That Promotes Better Health

Let’s face it; America is the fattest country. And if you live in Texas or Wisconsin you may be one of those who ride their motorized scooters through the State Fair to gobble up butter burgers and deep-fried bacon-wrapped Twinkies. Or you might have noticed that you are just a few pounds heavier than you were this time last year. As obesity awareness is spreading, more and more people are reaching out to seek dietary and fitness guidance, but they aren’t sure where to start. But hey, there is an app for that!

Getting off the sofa

There is an app unlike Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja. This one actually gets users to get away from their sofas and get physical while eating more healthily. MyFitnessPal meets every need that one requires when striving to reach a better level of fitness—it offers a support group along with dietary and physical coaching.

What is it?

My Fitness Pal is a virtual personal trainer and dietician all rolled into one. When you create the free account you enter in your specs, and you can use privacy setting controls to determine what others can and can’t view in your profile. When you start you enter your current weight and your target weight. Once you have created your profile you can begin inviting friends or you can request to “friend” other users who have similar fitness goals to your own. Community members can leave each other inspiring messages and offer some tips and pointers that ultimately leave users immersed into a support group.


When you set up your profile you will enter your daily calorie goal. As you eat and snack throughout the day, My Fitness Pal keeps track of your caloric and vitamin intake and helps to keep its users within their targeted zone. The app will automatically look up the food you consumed and, according to portion size, will give you a calorie count. You can even use the barcode scanner feature that automatically records the nutritional information and calorie count into your diary when swiping it over packaged edibles. This information is stored in a database for easy future retrieval. Users can also add homemade recipes into a recipe book and calculate the portions into their diet.

Ever wonder if you aren’t getting enough iron in your diet? You can check your health stats to get a full reading of your vitamin and mineral intake and make any necessary adjustments to your diet to “stay in the green”. People pay dieticians handsome sums to track this information, but thanks to this app anyone can get on the path to better health without having to may excessive fees to health care professionals.


This little app truly is your fitness pal—it records all of your exercises that include anything under strength training, cross training, yoga, cardio, etc. There is a good reason why this app incorporates a strength training journal to coincide with a dietary one—lifting weights will help you lose weight. In an article published by ‘Women’s Health’ the author addresses one way on how to lose weight and says that weight lifting once or twice a week will help in reducing overall body fat. My Fitness Pal is wired to work with its user to amalgamate these two areas into one endeavor.

The app records how many calories you burn during physical activities, and calculates them into caloric allowances for those who are looking to simply maintain their weight. Alternatively it can display information handy to those who are looking to drop pounds. If you love to take your branch amino acids and protein drinks while pumping iron in the gym you can scan the barcode on the canister and My Fitness Pal will keep accurate tabs—even on supplements such as test boosters or omega fish oils.

Fitness going high-tech

This is one of the best apps I have come across, and I use it religiously. It helps me achieve my goals and keeps me motivated to keep moving forward. Its intricacy and attention to fine details make it my high-tech gym buddy. Download this free app and may it assist you well!

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