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How P90X Is Solving The Obesity Crisis And Job Problem

P90X Certified Coaches

What are you doing? How did you lose all that weight? Both of these are questions that many people hear during their first round of P90X. Its no wonder that P90X has become a household name in the past 5 years. Its a program that gets results. What happens next is whats making all the difference in the fight against obesity in the U.S.

Where Can I Get It?

P90X has been around since 2005 and has done well through the marketing minds over at Beachbody. The executive staff knows how to do infomercials. What they didn’t expect was a community to grow right from underneath them. Calls starting rolling in from customers asking if they had some type of referral program due to them having 10 of their co-workers go out and buy P90X because of their results. Enter the Beachbody Coach business opportunity in 2007.

I Get Paid To Workout?

Its not that simple but what the real core area of being a coach is being a product of the product. You don’t have to be in great shape from the get go but you will want to be pursuing your own fitness goals. The thousands of weight loss and fitness stories that have come from people who have finished P90X are inspirational. Beachbody decided to reward those people who have made the change to live a healthier life and inspire others instead of just being a infomercial company. The coaching program has created accountability to their health and also the people they share the products with. You rarely see people go back to their old ways after completing P90X and getting involved with the business side.

Where There’s A Problem There’s Usually Opportunity

It is estimated that 42% of the U.S will be obese by 2030. Not just overweight…obese. The health related costs to obesity related issues are in the billions every year. What P90X and coaches do is provide the “how” and support needed to get the weight off and along with it the opportunity to earn a very nice income. Healthcare and jobs are two highly debated issues right now and here is a company solving both without the Government getting involved at all. They have programs besides P90X and one of the best meal replacement shakes on the market in Shakeology to use and promote. What we want to know is if your willing to help?

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