Eat This, Not That for Healthy Skin

We all have our favorite food, whether it’s a delicious dessert or a specific type of cuisine. However, research shows that certain foods are bad for your skin and can cause acne, blemishes and an uneven skin tone.

To keep your skin looking beautiful, avoid the bad foods below and choose an alternative that’s good for your skin but also satisfies your craving.


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Research suggests that milk can be bad for the skin because of the increased hormones found within it. A large percentage of the milk we consume is obtained from pregnant cows. Natural growth hormones that are present within the milk can cause acne to develop.

Eat This:

A great alternative is soy milk, which will satisfy the craving but is actually good for the hair and skin. The protein present in soy milk helps keep skin moisturized and increases its elasticity. Rice milk and almond milk are also good substitutes.

Sandwich Meats

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Sandwich meats are a convenient food and a staple in many households. However, the way sandwich meats are processed could lead to increased acne and skin issues. Experts believe the chemicals present in sandwich meats lead to inflammation, which translates into blemishes and acne.

Eat This:

Skip the bologna, salami and deli ham and instead slice lean cuts of meat like chicken to put on your sandwiches. There are numerous health benefits of chicken — it’s full of protein, niacin and selenium. This leads to healthier skin, improved memory and concentration, and a healthy thyroid.


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Excess sugar in the body leads to a poor functioning immune system. When the immune system isn’t healthy, it isn’t able to fight off bacteria which can lead to acne and other health conditions.

Eat This:

When you’re tempted to reach for pre-packaged cakes, cupcakes and other sweets, choose a suitable alternative, such as dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa. Dark chocolate is full of flavinols, which lead to healthier, clearer skin, and a variety of other health benefits.


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Research shows that a large percentage of adults (30 to 40%) have a sensitivity to gluten, a substance present in a large variety of foods that contain wheat (including pasta, bread, crackers and pastries). Some individuals can be sensitive to gluten without even knowing it, and that sensitivity can show up in the skin.

Eat This:

There are now many gluten-free alternatives to most foods containing gluten, including gluten-free flour so you can bake your own bread.

Ice Cream

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Ice cream is a favorite after-dinner treat, but it contains both milk and sugar, both of which have been found to be bad for the skin.

Eat This:

Instead of choosing ice cream, go for plain yogurt and mix in fresh fruit. Yogurt has vitamin A, which is essential for great skin, and active cultures which keep bad bacteria in check. Fresh fruit is full of antioxidants that boost the immune system and skin health.


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It’s used to flavor all kinds of food, but it’s actually terrible for your skin. It can cause tissues to swell and your face to look puffy and unhealthy. Salt can also can irritate existing acne and make it worse.

Eat This:

Rather than choosing salt to flavor your food, add fresh herbs and garlic, all of which can be beneficial to the skin. Garlic is considered an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory food which can help boost the immune system and discourage bad bacteria from growing in the body and causing acne.

Healthy foods can act as excellent skin health boosters, from behaving as a natural dark spot corrector to flushing the skin of toxins and killing bacteria in the skin. By making healthy substitutes, you can count on more beautiful, clearer and healthier looking skin.

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