7 Online Resources to Help You Lose Weight in 2012

It’s a new year and with that comes all the resolutions to get healthy, exercise, take your vitamins and lose weight. Some of us make these resolutions every year and never follow through. Well how would you like some more fuel to stoke your fires of ambition? Or some ammunition to use in your war to motivate yourself? Here are some great websites to get you thinking and doing right from the comfort of home. So make yourself some fresh juice and get to it.

Juice Revolution

Join The Reboot is a site built around the health revelations of Joe Cross. Cross’ documentary, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, is about his personal health issues and how he reversed his chronic diseases with juice. Join The Reboot is a great site that offers advice, study results, a very entertaining blog by Joe himself and an active and lively community. It’s all free and extremely user friendly with great links.

Express Yourself

Fit Day is a website that makes keeping a food journal a breeze. With fantastic free options you are inspired to nurture your psyche and soul along with your body. You can even track your progress. The pay versions unlocks the nifty graphs and data analysis that provide proven results of all your hard work.

Food Fight

Vegan Action is a huge and influential grass roots organization that promotes the plant based diet. Their website is packed full of information and inspiring stories. It is a great jumping off point to a new responsible life style and adds so many facets to how important diet and choice are. You can fold up your high-waters and take out those face piercings because Veganism isn’t just for hipsters any more.

Let’s Get Physical

Everyday Tai Chi packs the A-Z of this super low impact and very relaxing martial art and all it encompasses. Tai Chi has many positive benefits and is perfect for you if you have no time to exercise, don’t like going to the gym, or are just plain lazy. In 15 minutes you can stretch, tone, meditate, strengthen and calm yourself all at the same time. The benefits are plentiful and extend into all aspects of your life. And your Chi will rejoice in this site’s freeness.

Food for Thought

Living Organic reinforces the new attitude that it’s not just about diet or exercise but about changing your perspective and improving your whole life. Easy ideas and great suggestions about adopting a more organic existence. It’s not just for hippies, but it is free.

Seeing the Light

Spark People is a massive online resource boasting over 11.5 million members. The perfect place to find recipes, meal plans, exercise plans, and support from their giant community. And yes, it is free.

More Human Than Human

All this cyber stuff is great and extremely convenient. But if you need the camaraderie of real live fleshy humans Craig’s List can be a great source. Find fitness classes, support groups, and work out buddies right in your area. If you can’t find the right group or activity to join you can start your own. Of course, please use extreme caution when meeting up with strangers, especially if they offer candy (you’re on a diet, remember).

You now possess the most powerful force of all, knowledge. Go forth and educate yourself. Revitalize your enthusiasm and take those all important first steps toward a better life. Remember, every little bit helps and when you feel you have strayed from the path, step right back on to it and continue your journey.

To your health!

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