Why Google Isn’t Sweating Low G+ Use: Google Knows Exactly What It’s Doing

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  • mike says:

    Don’t be fooled by Bradley Horowitz. The only “metrics” they care about is the number of G+ members and their “engagement”.

    Why else would Larry Page be “super excited” to announce at the press meeting about the “amazing” fact that G+ has 90M members?

    Why would Larry Page proudly boast that G+ members have an 80% engagement rate?

    Why else would Larry Page tie 25% of employee bonus to the “success” of G+?


    Because Google+ is not about data aggregation. It is about body counts and “engagement” rate. And on those “metrics”, it is sadly lacking.

    • Mike,

      Thanks for the comment! Actually, your first point actually supports the data aggregation argument. All of the information a person inputs when signing up for a Google+ account is used for ad targeting. Your second point is interesting, but one must be careful how Google is defining “engagement.” What metrics are they using, and why?

      Regarding your third point, it is common practice to tie employee compensation to performance, especially in the tech sector. One would also need a clear definition of how Page is defining “success” in this context. You point out that Google+ is all about body counts. On that count, (sorry) G+ is over-performing. Not only has it amassed 90M users faster than any social media network in history, it is having a lot of success in brand engagement, which provides exponential benefit to G+. As social media firm Socialbakers (http://www.socialbakers.com/blog/410-google-brands-grow-faster-than-brands-on-twitter/)recently pointed out, Google+ brand pages are growing much faster than Twitter’s. This is a critical metric, as each brand page is interacting with thousands of users.

      Thanks again for your input, Mike!

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