Why Google+ Hangouts Is A Content Manager’s Best Friend

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  • Nice write up on Hangouts on Air… I use them frequently and help others do them as well. Another tip for prep. would be to try a test hangout with each of your guest panelists before the ‘big day’.

    Do a private or Regular Hangout with them to be sure all is working well and let them experience the process in a less pressure filled situation. Practice makes Perfect!

    I’ve got loads of other tips, but that one should really help. And oh… don’t forget that simply using regular Hangouts for meet & greet meetings will make a world of difference when you first meet someone new! Thanks for your post, I’ll share it with some newbies!

  • Thanks for your article on Google Hangouts. I am exploring how best to use social media to create brand awareness of Tschetter Studio artisan jewelry. There are so many choices, it’s hard to know where to start.

    At the moment, I’m trying to figure out how to create a company account in google+. If you know how to do this would you send me a note please? Thanks.

  • Ronnie: Thanks for the comment. Like you mentioned, it’s critical to do a run-through with the other panelists. We did two run-throughs (“test hangout”) before the actual live webinar with our panelists. It helped tremendously! So, great point. I should have touched upon that topic more, but you did it for me so thank you.

    Bob: Glad to hear you’re interested! It’s super easy to sign-up. First go to this page: http://plus.google.com/pages/create to set up an account. Once there, you’ll need to fill out basic information like your name and email address (use the name of the company page’s admin, so if you’re going to manage it, use yours). The Google+ page’s admin is the person who has permission to leave posts and update the page as needed.

    The email address should be a general email (or your work email address if you’re comfortable using it) that your company uses such as marketing@xxxfirm.com or info@xxxxfirm.com. Google+ will then guide you through the next steps to create a page/account for your company. You can then personalize your page, add your logo, choose a tagline that readers see, post company news, and so forth.

    Now you can start adding people/other businesses to your circles and, in turn, they may add you back. Engage, listen, talk, and post as frequently as you can. You can share company news, post relevant links that pertain to your company, post photos or videos/infographics, and share helpful/instructional information or sales announcements, etc. I suggest you use all of Google+ profile features to optimize your page, so it receives greater exposure online. The more effort you put into it, the likelier it is that people and companies will add your page to their circles (“circles” is just a fancy way to say that they’ve chosen to follow your page and read your posts!) I hope this helps!

  • Bob,

    I should have made it clear that your email must have an @gmail.com in it when you sign up, so again use a general email that you and/or multiple people can access.

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