Why G+ will Win the Social Media Platform Race

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  • Natascha,
    Great insights. I’m with you in so many ways, especially your main point. Consolidation is coming. Marketers will make choices and Google+ will be that choice for most, especially B2B. Still, I see Twitter having a major role in a lot ways. It’s been fun for me to follow the G+ story and see it take hold, an in terms of practicality, the lead.

    • Barry:

      thanks for adding this comment with your own experience.

      Of course, there could be something totally new coming to change or replace all we are doing right now. I am ready :-).

      Warm regards,


  • I agree! Google has offered almost unlimited possibilities from emails to just the simple and funny gif’s. Personally, Google made my work, social media life, and real life manageable. You can add the fact that it only needs one username and password. Remembering all usernames and passwords of multiple accounts is horrible.

  • I’m still not digging G+ as a social platform. I get that they are making things easier for marketers, but they don’t get the consumer mindset. And until they make that leap (and I’m yet to be convinced that they can), they will continue to lag.

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