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What a Great Google+ Post Looks Like

This is part of an ongoing series of articles on how to deploy specific social network updates to utilize the Social News Strategy in the most effective manner.

What a Great Google+ Post Looks Like image good google plus post

Google Plus is interesting because Google chose to base the organization of personal connections on the concept of circles. It’s intuitive, right? I mean, who doesn’t mentally group their friends into circles?

Unique Sharing Functions

This makes sharing features even more robust because you can share with the entire public, one circle, or one individual – even if they aren’t on Google Plus! You can also control notifications to specific circles or users with which you are sharing the content. Selecting to ‘Send an email to Your Circles’ will send an email to these users via Google Plus.

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Just like Facebook, Google Plus will allow you to post links that contain a thumbnail image from the page to which you are linking. Always scroll through the different thumbnails to choose the most attractive option.

Post Style Options

Bold – add asterisks (*) around the words that you want to render as bold. This will also be used in the post’s HTML title tag, which will help your post show up in relevant search engine results.

*This is important* = This is important

Italicize – add underscores (_) around words that you want to italicize

_A brilliant quote_ = A brilliant quote

Build Your Brand Community Page

Google Plus business support starts with Google Communities. These communities are similar to Linkedin and Facebook groups since they are public interest-based communities. However, Google Plus allows you to interact as your brand, rather than forcing you to comment as a user like Facebook.

When starting your Google Plus Community Page for your brand, make sure that you drive as many people as possible inside your business network to join immediately. This is crucial because search results in community page search is mostly organized with the groups with the most members at the top.

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  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for this. For some reason I had missed the info about bold and italics. Handy

  2. Tatiana says:

    Glad you liked it! There is also a strikethrough by using dashes around the word

  3. Nice breakdown and screenshot. It will be fun to see how Google+ continues to expand and grow with time. While it may quickly be amassing millions of users, it certainly doesn’t have the activity and engagement that Facebook has.

  4. Jayden Chu says:

    Hi Tatiana,

    The tools gives us awareness for optimizing our blog post in Google+. And I’m glad to know that Google+ is going vivid. Very informative post here.

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