[VIDEO] Ripples – The Google + Feature Nobody Knows About

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    • Thanks Peggy. It’s the greatest way to find find people to follow because they’re already sharing your content! I wonder if Twitter have anything like Ripples? Any 3rd party app?

  • Hi Tod, A nice video about Ripples. You’re right not many people seem to know about it and when I show people they are very impressed with how easy yet powerful it is.

    Just one point from your video I wanted to clarify where you say “And all these are the people who have the bigger networks represented by the bigger circles.” The size of the circles represents the amount of re-sharing that the person has had. So Rand Fishkin has a larger circle because 4 people re-shared his share of the post whereas the other circles were smaller as they were re-shared once. Obviously if theose people then go on to share the post then the circles get bigger and bigger to signify this.
    Not sure if this is what you meant but just wanted to point that out for your readers to understand.

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