Three Reasons Your Marketing Strategy Should Include Google+

11707538 sGoogle+ is one of those funny social networks. It’s there. It’s run by Google so it must be amazing, especially given that everyone with a Gmail address is automatically on there but no one really gets it. 

Some fear it’ll go the way of Friendster and just be a next minute fad, but given how Google+ has slowly climbed up the most used social network ranks, it’s something your business should consider being active on for it’s easy and interactive user features.

Here are three of my favorites…


Google Hangouts allows groups to have online, interactive meetings through screen sharing and video chat capabilities. It’s free and you can use it with an unlimited number of people from your Google+ account. You don’t need to download any special programs to use it, which makes it easy for even the most technologically impaired user. And, it’s great for webinars since you can save your hangouts to your YouTube channel and revisit.


Google Circles makes it easy to share content across various groups. You can assign your contacts to various circles – family, friends, coworkers, etc… – allowing you to easily share relevant contacts to certain groups and not others, unlike on Facebook where most content is shared.

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You can also join different circles (similar to LinkedIn groups), thus allowing you to network with communities of experts and likeminded people. Also, once someone adds you to a circle, you are then able to email them and “hangout” with them as well.


Having a Google Plus account means that you can claim authorship over the content (like blogs) you pubish online. Authorship allows you to link your content to your Google+ profile, which is important for content marketing. Additionally, having authorship will allow people to find additional content you’ve created. Credibility, content reach and improved search engine rankings are all some easy marketing wins you can acheive by having Google authorship.


Everything across Google is integrated through all of its platforms – Google+, GMail, Google Search, and YouTube – and you control all of the content that is shared. Adding Google+ to your website allows people to passively promote your content by “+1″-ing it, thus helping your search rankings.

Don’t underestimate the social network that you don’t know much about. Google+, while still being figured out by many, has so many great features and so many benefits for content marketers in particular that by not at the very least activating your Google+ profile, you’re missing out on the second most used social network with over 200 million active users per month.

In terms of social networks, Google+ is one of the most misunderstood however, in terms of managing your business brand and online searchability, Google+ is the platform that you want to be a part of for all of the hidden benefits.

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