The Trial of Google Plus

Is it worth having Google Plus? Since the social network’s launch in 2011, companies have been asking this question. Google Plus has become a bit of an enigma, invoking responses of love, hate, or uncertainty from professionals. Rather than tell you what to think about the site, we’ve decided to put it on trial. The defense will argue the benefits of Google Plus and the prosecution will argue the negative aspects of the social network.

Defense: It improves SEO.
It has been shown that Google Plus shares and +1 clicks can improve a site’s search engine ranking by aiding in the link’s relevancy to Google’s search engine. It doesn’t necessarily mean the more +1 clicks, the higher the ranking, but the clicks help.

Prosecution: It’s another social media account to manage.
You may not want to invest resources in managing yet another social media page. If your social media capabilities are stretched as it is (or nonexistent), you might think this is too much of a burden.

Defense: It has unique features.
As Forbes has pointed out, the Communities feature of Google Plus allows users to form groups around particular interests; also, Google Plus’s Hangouts helps users set up discussions and meetings. In other words, Google Plus provides new ways to organize and manage your connections.

Prosecution: It’s a gamble.
There are ongoing debates surrounding the failure or success of the site. Sure, any new venture is a risk, but Google Plus doesn’t seem to be the safest of bets.

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Defense: You can link to it through Hootsuite.
You can use Hootsuite to link all your social media accounts, including Google Plus.

Prosecution: Time will be required in order to learn it.
Even if you currently use other social media sites, there is still going to be a learning curve when getting started with Google Plus.

The verdict is up to you. We at Mixed Digital want to hear your take in the comments below.

Is it worth having Google Plus? Tell us why or why not.

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Comments: 2

  • I really wish you’d actually pitted the arguments against one another. Each point seems very detached from the prior one. With that said, I’ll provide my opinion.

    Google+ will replace Facebook for a core group of people, mainly online workers and marketers. Here’s why: Google Hangout. It’s so much easier to use than Skype, and wonderful for meetings, having the ability to share a user’s screen.

    Throw in with that the clean design of the social network itself and it’s actually a very nice product. Let me provide some proof.

    The other day, my fellow Content Strategists and I were trying to decide the best way to share articles. We’ve tried Branch, Kippt, and even built an app for ourselves. We simply couldn’t decide. Given that we had used Google Hangout a few days prior for a meeting (we were all snowed in), we decided Google + would be a fantastic place to share and comment on articles.

    The only thing holding people back is that there aren’t many people there, but I think that’s actually the appeal. Some of us don’t want to be connected to EVERYBODY, just the people we want to share things with.

  • jctmpt says:

    Facebook users are ordinary “sociable” people who shares stories and picture with family and friends.

    Google+ users are unsociable, lonely and creepy nerds and geeks who are cooked up in a dark room all day posting about how great Google Inc. is. :)

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