The Launch of Google+ Communities Explained With Memes

Unless you were living under a rock, you probably noticed the launch of Google+ Communities today. If you missed it or didn’t participate, this is basically the sequence of events…illustrated with memes!

Before the Launch of Google+ Communities

Google+ Communities Meme

Waiting for Google Plus Communities


Waiting for Google Communities

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As Google+ Launched Communities

Google Communities to Grumpy Cat


First World Problems Google+ Communities


Bad Luck Brian Everyone Goes to Google+


Google Plus Grumpy Cat Meme

A Few Hours After the Launch

Background: Everybody and their mother started setting up communities and inviting anybody they could find.  The result: A LOT of mindless spam.

Google Plus Community Invite Spam


Too Many Google+ Community Invities


Google+ Community Invite Spam


Crazy Google+ Communities

How Does the Story End?

Well, things are very rarely perfect on day one and Google+ Communities are no exception to this rule.  As the excitement dies down a bit, we can be sure Google+ Communities will begin to show their true utility.

The silver lining on day one is this:

  • Users are excited about what Google+ is doing.
  • Users are engaged and active.
  • Users are building relationships and micro-networks on Google+.

The network, as fate would have it, is now showing significant signs of people being social with one another.  That’s a great thing for all of us who have been waiting!

If you come across any more Google+ Communities memes, link them in the comments.  We could all use a good laugh every now and then.

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