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Google fired a new volley on the battlefield of social media this week when it finally unveiled its business pages after much anticipation by social media experts, brands and Google+ users alike.

Google are brimming with confidence about the launch, and with good reason. Naming five common marketing issues – fragmented marketing, recommendations that quickly fade, comments rather than conversations, impersonal messages and limited insights – they’reconfident Google+ will solve them. Ripples, for example, will help you track the social life of a post

Google’s biggest weapon is it’s omnipotence in the search engine market – and it makes the most of it. As well as enabling you to connect and communicate directly with your customers, your +1’s can be tied together, across your site, your Page, search results and search ads.

To get started with Google+ and make it work for your business, follow these tips:

  1. Get connecting. Share, message, promote, engage with your customers, family, friends, communities and networks. Get stuck in – no one likes to talk to an unresponsive entity – and you’ll learn invaluable things about your brand, your business, and how to grow and succeed.
  2. Hangout. Show the face of your company – literally. The hangout feature has great potential for savvy businesses. Demonstrating a new product? Looking for feedback? Holding a seminar? Click ‘start a hangout’ and watch it take you in new directions.
  3. Think in Circles. Circles are a great Google+ feature – so use them. They enable you to segment your market, tailoring messages to the individual circles of fans and customers, enabling you to ensure they only receive information they want and need. Keep up to date as well – ask your fans to use the +1 feature regularly to make sure they’re part of the right circles. Sometimes, after all, they don’t even realise their needs and wants have changed until they’re asked to think about it.

As well as what it offers you as a business, what unique benefits do Pages bring to the customer, and their experience? Well, it’s easy to follow a Page through a simple +1. Google+ Pages can’t follow anyone who doesn’t follow them – in fact, they can’t even mentionanyone (so no spam!) – Pages also automatically unfollow those who unfollow them.

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But most promising of all is Direct Connect – a simple + symbol before a search term takes you direct to the brand Page (try it with Coldplay).  This integrated search facility has great potential – you can also connect your Google+ Page to your Adwords campaign.

To get started, add Google+ your business to your Circles – and let us know how you get on!

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