Some Google Plus Apps for the Weekend

For those of you who have read one or two of my last few blogs here you will know that I’m quite a fan of Google+, I won’t go in to why, I’ll save that for another day! As Google+ is now gaining many new users and Google integrates it with its other main services such as Search, Youtube and so on, I thought it would be quite cool to see what apps are out there and suggest a few useful one’s for you to try.

Chrome: Uncircle Inactives+
This one is pretty self-explanatory, but in essence, if you are getting close to the 5000 limit in the number of people you follow, you may want to cull some of the inactive people out of your circles. This app is a Chrome app and works pretty well, it is a little clunky and not exactly intuitive but it works effectively none the less. I would think this will become useful to those of you out there who are building circles to then promote your business pages to!

Chrome: Google+ Notifications
If you have spent much time on Google+ you will know that interactions are generally higher than the other social networks and that notifications are more prolific, if you want to keep a tab on this whilst you work then this app will indicate in your browser when you have a new notification and also display the number of notifications.

Mozilla: Plus One Button.
As one might expect, there are not that many apps for Google+ for Mozilla, however this one is quite a useful one. It provides a +1 button on your address bar so that you can +1 a page or site from your browser.

Android: Google+
Here is the link to the Google+ app for Android, it is a pretty feature rich and I in fact think they have done a better job of this than the most recent iterations of the Facebook App for Android. If you are an active G+ person you will probably want to play around with the settings a bit as the notifications coming through all the time can get a bit annoying. Also make sure you choose carefully about whether you want photos from your phone automatically uploaded or not, it gives you the option either way but don’t forget to switch it off if you are likely to be taking photos of things you would prefer to be kept private or there could be some very red faces!

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iOS: Google+
I have played with this on the iPad2 for which it wasn’t intended but it works much the same as the Android, so if you have an iPhone then this is the app to use if you want Google+ on your device.

Chrome: Map My Circles for Google+™
This one is a bit of fun, it plots all of the G+ users you have added your circles on a Google Map!

Chrome: Extended Share for Google Plus
This one is quite useful as Tweetdeck and other similar 3rd party systems are yet to add Google+. This app adds the ability to share posts within Google+ to other networks, so for instance you have just uploaded a video to Google+ you can then share it with Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to name a few!

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