Is Google+ Really the Second Most Popular Social Media Platform?

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  • ani says:

    I can’t agree with that. For me youtube is much more used than google+. The fact that there are so many google+ accounts is becouse of the gmail and youtube accounts. That doesn’t mean that people are using them – they just have the accounts. When you look at from where people are mostly getting information when it comes to social media – it is facebook, youtube and twitter. They are the most used, no matter how many accounts are there.

    • Jay says:

      Youtube was separated out for this case study and not included in the social media metrics. You’ll see above they were the “third” largest. However interaction through email and search results is no doubt a major driver in how they got to #2. They’re a difficult social media outlet to measure given they’re more of a tool than a social hangout.

  • Mr says:

    I am sorry, but if you don’t use google+ as a marketer, then it is your ignorance. Google+ is widely known and its adoption increases day by day considering the popularity of other google products.

  • Marc says:

    The recent stats are only users who contribute to the site at least once a month, they say nothing about how often during the month. So its cmopeltley reaonsable that these numbers show G+ is growing fast even with usage but still has not quite caught up to just how much Twitter is being used. However, the point that G+ is growing this fast is what matters. Another year like this and G+ will have left Twitter in the dust. I’d expect it will be a couple years before its in the same conversation with FB.

  • Regardless of how many eyeballs are on your Google + content, it still provides unparalleled value when it comes to search engine rankings, especially on Google Search. Any links posted on Google + send a signal for Google to crawl your site for new content, so that content shows up almost instantly in search results.

  • m surprised…I have seen a lot less action on G+ than other networks, but this was a good read..thanks

  • Krithika says:

    There are a couple of points to consider. One, when only looking at public posts on Google+ it may seem that not enough activity is taking place or that not often. The other, which seems a possible emerging trend is that people are gravitating more towards personal networks such as Path, where the connections are limited. Google+ provides that ability to selectively engage with a few users or with many and publicly so content can be discovered. To me, there are so many possibilities of how this platform can and should be used. I don’t think one can dismiss it for the lack of hashtags related to super bowl or make a conclusive statement that because there weren’t enought publicly shared content it is not a thriving community.

  • Warren says:

    While I admit, I’ve only dipped a toe into the Google + waters compared to the investment in both Facebook and Twitter I’ve made I still don’t see the activity in Google + that I do in other platforms. I think they need a couple more years to actually earn that headline.

  • Richard says:

    Ive been using Google+ for a few months now. I still use Facebook more, but I have noticed a shift in use. I added a ton of people/communities I’m interested in and it pops up on my feed. The circles is great o separate certain friends, from co-workers and family, although I only have 1 family member at this time. They are all on Facebook, but thats ok. It’s a nice escape from them.
    Where Google+ comes in really handy is their Hangout feature. I love it and more friends are using it. Their Messenger is also great. Even if friends dont post, they are on Messenger chatting away.

  • Roman says:

    Nobody needs google+.. I will never use Facebook or Google+ because the don’t let me see free movies and music!!! the only social network where I can upload listen, share FREE music and FREE video! ANd I don’t care of friends hahaha

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