Is Google+ Really The 2nd Most Popular Social Network?

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  • “I truly have a hard time believing this stat, and would rather believe it was Youtube, part of Google online ecosystem that includes Google+, that got the lion’s share of the travel research and planning time spent on its platform.”

    Sooo… if someone spends time logged in to Facebook watching YouTube videos to plan their vacation you would count that as Facebook time… but if they were logged in to Google watching the exact same videos you would NOT count that as Google+ time?

    And thus we see how the ridiculous ‘3/7 minutes per month’ figures were derived. They count only time spent on the web-site. Facebook only allows you to access most of its features while on the Facebook ‘page’. Google+ allows you to access its features through many different web pages. You can read your stream, follow new people, post comments, et cetera from YouTube… or GMail… or Google News… or even Google SEARCH. Yet only if you do it from the page does it ‘count’.

    BTW, back in January GWI released a report that Google+ had passed Twitter some time in the second half of 2012.

    GWI also showed that engagement in various activities on Google+ was similar to the other social networks.

    So that’s three independent sources showing Google+ larger than Twitter, in addition to the stats reported by the two companies themselves. Yet you ‘choose not to believe it’… because you can cite other stats which exclude huge swathes of usage by dismissing it as ‘not Google+’ even though the same activities on Facebook or Twitter ARE counted. It’s absurd. The questionable stats are NOT the ones showing Google+ growing by leaps and bounds. They’re the few carefully constrained studies which argue that it ISN’T.

  • Well one thing can be concluded on such a small sample that it can be 2nd most popular in USA. But when it comes to Asia you will see different and probably more of Facebook and twitter.

  • In my opinion, it’s hard to accurately track this type of statistic. I think I have a Google+ account, but honestly I was never able to figure it out. I don’t know many people who use Google+, so I would be surprised if the use of it is anywhere near the use of Facebook or Twitter.

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