Is Google+ Poised To Dominate The Social Media Landscape?

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  • Timely and spot on Derek. I believe Google Plus is poised to win the hearts and minds of many more “socialites”. Some enter the G+ community with SEO an search visibility in mind. However, it doesn’t take long to strike the chord of community – Google may very well have won this one!

  • One major leverage point for Google+ is Authorship. I’ve seen SEO consultants and bloggers everywhere talking about it, and for good reason. Your photo and bio beside your search result? A genius way to get influencers to use the product.

  • Its interesting how close the growth of G+ has been to Android, including the media reactions. At first Android was mocked and considered insignificant next to the iPhone, yet it grew steadily. Then it became too big to ignore but was labeled as inferior, but it continued to grow. Eventually Android his critical mass and here we are today. G+ seems to be at that phase where its getting too big to ignore but the media has yet to accept its a challenge for Facebook. But I suspect it will hit critical mass soon. Every day since they have included communities I am finding more people I know on there.

  • I think the tie in with authorship enhancing SEO will win the day for G+. G+ ties to blog ties to relevant fresh content thus higher rankings? I have advocated social media is the new SEO, marketing and content paradigm. Now you are seeing it.

  • 400 Million users?? Second largest social network??

    You were quoting numbers from an obscure British marketing called Global Web Index.

    Those numbers were never confirmed Google, Inc. WHY?? Because they are not BOGUS.

    GOOGLE+ is a still GHOST TOWN.

    • Even if it is not the second largest social network, you are wrong about it being a ghost town. With the type of noise control it has, G+ will not have a lot of cat birthday’s, Farmville requests, or baby pictures just posted to everybody. I will admit it has a bot of a learning curve, but that always comes with something new. It will seem like a ghost town to those that let it be that way.

  • Google+ es una gran red social, I’m sure google could reach dethrone facebook, mientras mantena esa linea de escuchar a sus usuarios y ir incrementando opciones todo apunta que google terminara muy bien este año 2013

  • The key for G+ will be the integration with search and emerging features like local and (to a certain extent) maps and earth. With so much crap on the web, Google needs more sophisticated ways to give you want you want – and recommendations and content from your networks is a good way to do that because you’ve already vetted them. Google can also very quickly tell which people are authorities because of the natural virality in social networks.

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