How to Set up Google+ for Your Business in 3 Easy Steps

Businesses are increasingly turning to SEO techniques and content creation to increase their online presence and boost business. Among the various strategies for search engine optimization is the creation of social media profiles. Social media accounts for business can increase brand visibility and boost engagement among customers.

Google+ is often overlooked in favor of LinkedIn when it comes to professional accounts, but it can be valuable to create both for your business. Google+ offers businesses the opportunity to connect directly with others in their industry, target promotions and brand offerings, and optimize searchability across the web. Though some say it’s unfair of Google to favor its own properties, Google+ tends to rank higher in search results than other, non-Google owned social platforms.  And, because it is owned by the big G, the stronger your presence is on the site, the more trusted your brand will be with Google. And, trust is the new currency in ranking as the value of links and anchor text decreases.

Read on for instructions on how to set up a Google+ page for you business in three easy steps.

Go to the Google+ Business account creation page to get started. It looks like this:


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Step 1:  Choose a Category

Whether you are a local business, a national institution, or a brand, you can find the category that is the best fit on Google+. There is also an “other” category for companies that don’t quite fall into the typical sections of industry.


Step 2:  Add the Basics

This step is easy. Just include the company name, website, and agree to the terms.

Step 3:  Flesh out Company Information

This is where you get to the meat of the profile. Your Google+ account can include everything from a full-length company bio to blog posts to links to other businesses you admire. Make sure you include up-to-date contact information and a tagline that includes any keywords for your business. Don’t forget to fill in the introduction so people know they found the right company when they look up your business. Finally, as the community grows, you can start adding followers to different circles. You might name one circle “customers” or “brand advocates” and have another circle for competitors or industry leaders.


Currently, it seems like some industries are better suited for Google+. The most successful seem to be more technically focused, so it might be hard for companies that are less technical to gain traction at first. Regardless of your industry however, it’s still wise to create an account and build your online presence for when the audience eventually comes. Stick with it and developing a Google+ page for your business can pay off big time.

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  • Shilpi Roy says:

    Thanks Brain for sharing the basic three steps to set up Google+ for businesses.

  • Hey there Mr Brian, it is a great thing that you went into such great detail as to explain how to set up Google + for businesses. We must realize that social media should no longer at all be an option nowadays when one is trying to grow their businesses and build relationships.

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