How to Get the Most Out of Google+ SEO

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  • Slowly, Google + is making it’s way to the SEO and social media industry. It wasn’t being utilized before so Google paid importance to it. Google + is made by the search engine giant and there is no wonder why they will push it’s importance.

  • Nice piece Ross. With Google Search Plus Your World update (personalized search results based on Google+ circles)and the social signals that Google+ feeds google passing attributes like Authorank, Google+ is a no-brainer for Internet marketers and SEOs. It will be interesting to see how Google+ Communities will impact Google search results. Will see.

    • Thanks Rick. That’s an interesting point, Rick… Between that and circles… I know it will affect search on the personal level – pushing you more results from your related circles and communities. It will be interesting to see how those affect more general serp’s though, though I suspect it might take more active user G+ users to really figure that out.

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