Google+ Turned 3 Last Saturday. Here’s How It’s Changed The Web.

You may have heard this past Saturday (June 28), Google+ has turned three years old. Though the platform has more than 1.15 billion registered users and 201 million active mobile users on a monthly basis, I bet many of you have never spent more than 10 minutes (being generous here) on the platform.

Now, I’m not going to say that failing to use Google+ for marketing is a cardinal sin. (Though I do strongly advise using it as a “preventative measure,” if nothing else.) But if you have – for any reason – avoided it up to this point, I urge you to give it a try. A new infographic from online marketing company DPFOC highlights the good and bad of Google+’s last three years. View the infographic below, and keep reading for some discussion of Google+ strategy.

Google+ Infographic

3 Ways to Test the Google+ Marketing Waters

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If you’re the least bit interested in social media marketing – and you probably are if you’re reading this post – then I encourage you to give Google+ a try. In honor of the platforms third birthday, here are three ways to get started…

  1. Use authorship. A lot of scary stuff has been written about Google and authorship. The way some tell it, your entire website will be blown out of the search results entirely some day if you don’t have Google+ authorship set up. Maybe, maybe not. I take a more conservative approach (a la Pascal’s Wager) in recommending the use of authorship. Do we know for sure that using Google’s authorship function will help? Not entirely, but it’s highly likely. Do we know it will harm? No, there’s really no reason to think that any harm will come by using it. Also, leveraging a Google+ authorship strategy will help your content look and feel more authentic.
  2. Use the +1 button. As the above infographic states, “Websites using the +1 button generate over three times more visits than sites without the button.” So… why aren’t you using this easy widget?
  3. Try hangouts. Lastly, I’m personally interested to see how businesses will be leveraging Google+ Hangouts. We’ve already seen some really cool stuff happen with Google Helpouts; Hangouts has a lot of potential. This post from Social Media Examiner can help you get started.

What’s In Your Google+ Marketing Strategy?

So, those are my three tips in honor of Google+’s three-year birthday. What are yours? I’d love to know how you’re using this platform – or why you choose not to. Jump in the comments section below, and let’s talk some Google+ strategy.

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  • Kang says:

    Photos, man! Unlimited storage in compressed format, supports RAW, great tools for processing, auto backup, auto awesome, easy to share… This article is simply lacking if it doesn’t mention the awesome photo tools on G+.

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