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Google Plus has recently undergone a massive makeover and though it has some nagging similarities with Facebook TimeLine, it looks sleek and sharp. Since Google Plus is the most powerful tool Google ever had to gather deeper insight about users’ behavior and how a website is supposedly interacting with its targeted audience, Google is spearing no efforts to promote it. So, as things stand, your website needs to have more than impressive presence in Google Plus. But this is exactly where the problem creeps in. How you are supposed to maintain seemingly unending number of social media accounts? Quite evidently, you need to get your hands on some tools that can simplify your daily tasks of updating, monitoring etc on Google Plus. However, as we all know, Google Plus is a new frontier and therefore, we cannot expect it to have some power tools. In fact, Google Plus management is now just shaping up and developers are scrambling to create tools that can take out pain from the whole job. So, locating the best Google App is certainly not that easy thing, but still here I am going to share some tools that are doing great job and may prove helpful:

Social Statistics: This is a great tool for aggregating data of top pages and posts. It lets you know what the current topic in Google Plus is. Options are there to sort posts by most shares, comments or by +1s. A cool tool to keep track on big brand. But if your circle is not that large, you may feel disappointed with it.

Allmyplus: This is the best tool to gather information from any Google + profile or page. It records almost all the facts and figures of a given Google plus or profile page. So, you can have all the data ranging from few days to few months at your disposal and if you hate the raw and dry data, this tool has a solution for that too. You can try its nice and interactive chart that translates all the data into graphical presentation. This is the quickest way to calculate the most active time and day of your business Google Plus page.

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Simply Measured: This is not a new social media reporting tool for Google Plus. This tool has been offering data on social engagement based on Twitter and Facebook for long and Google Plus is the recent inclusion. This tool is pretty good at providing report on almost any Google Plus profile or page. Here are the few things that you are most likely to get with this tool:

Page Engagement
Page activities for last two weeks
Engagement rate based on post type

and more. The best part of this tool is that you can easily import all the data in either PowerPoint or Excel.

CircleCount: If your objective is to find out the most popular brand pages in Google Plus just to gather detailed information about their growth rate, users’ engagement etc, CircleCount is the best tool out there to give it a try.  With this tool, you will be able to have data on gender distribution, job distribution, country distribution, top pages, and many more. Looking for a widget to feature your latest posts on Google + on your website just to give your social media marketing campaign a shot in the arm? WidgetsPlus is the best widget out there that can display latest Google Plus posts right on your website and that too without consuming much of the space. There are options to customize the width and height.

PlusClout: It is an awesome tool that assigns ranks based on the influence one has on Google Plus. That means, you can easily find out who are the leaders in the niche by checking the score assigned against them. The score is dependent on a wide range of factors that include information-sharing, frequency of posts, number of followers etc. If you wish, you can sort influential people based on countries, employers, profession and many more similar metrics.

Extended Share for Google+ : Tried of sharing the same thing manually in Facebook, twitter, Google plus and their likes? This Chrome Plug-in will let you share any posts on almost all the social networking sites almost effortlessly. This plug-in adds a simple “Share On” link below every post you update on Google Plus and by clicking on the icons, you can easily share the same update. However, there is a downside of this Plug-in. Yeah, you are copying and pasting the same update in almost all the social media sites which is definitely not ethical.

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