How to Do Google Plus SEO?

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  • God do I hate it….1st they change your profile to use your full name, Supposedly for security reasons.How safe is it using your full name on posts and blogs with people you don’t know. Then they make it almost impossible to change or update it back to what you had.Now they collect reams of info on you as everything gets tracked and logged.What happens when it gets broken into, how safe are you then. Facebook got broken into and people lost money in their bank accounts. Some used the same password and they can figure out where you bank.What are they doing with all this info on us?.

  • I hear my thoughts in your comments – don’t use your same password as you use elsewhere etc etc but I am glad I am not the only one who hates the G +
    It is difficult staying in touch with Google’s Panda whatever let alone pushing content and video marketing, seo, long tail back-links, on and off page etc etc and that’s without writing the content which is not keyword stuffed !!

  • Questions: Should I post on my profile page or should I post on my business page and then share it while logged in under my profile?

    Should I create circles from profile page or my business page?

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