Google Plus Local Takes Over From Google Places

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  • Dean says:

    Nice article – I am just confused about switching over if you already have a Google Places listing. The content that was entered in the original Google Places is not appearing anymore. Any idea on how to change over/upgrade?

  • Just note.. the Gold stars are not there anymore.. the stars have been replaced with a combine review system.

    Also citations improve rankings.. the other stuff is good for conversions.

  • Awesome overview article. Not sure how I feel about the zagat rating system, but I guess time will tell :)

  • Google+ is fast becoming the most preferred network for small businesses. More and more business owners are using this social network. Now that Google has moved the local pages to Google Plus, even local businesses are jumping on to this social network.

    Thanks for the tips

  • I guess we should all just do whatever the Google machine tells us. They really have quite the monopoly on the Internet.

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