Google Plus Communities: More Uses Than You Might Imagine

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  • yeap, I am regular user of G community and I am very happy to see my community is growing so far. This si great to see that the communication are happening there also. Even I just ignoring that the community member will make that live.

    I love this.

  • Definitely. After Google starting communities i received a lot of quality Blog readers and more opportunity our Business services.

    Google Community really rocks. Now i spend more time on Google+ than Facebook.

  • One observation I had on the your own space or a third party space. Most of the time I completely agree with that concept, but in this case, I see an exception; 99% of private self run company forums stink and are utterly deserted. No one has posted in them in eight months and that guy was complaining that no one had posted o it in eight months.

    Better to have a functional and populated forum on a third party’s resource than to have a toxic waste dump of nothing blighting up your own domain.

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