Google Plus – A Facebook Killer? Try Getting Past MySpace First

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  • Obvious Google+ hater site… give the holy thing time for god sake… 4 months against juggernauts of over 7 to 10 years? – Yes it is Google, a bunch of noob at social networks, but they have catched a breath with G+ so. Second articled obviated.

  • StbZ:

    Nope, not a Google hater at all. In fact I use so many of their products and services it’s ridiculous :)

    Seriously though, your comment is definitely worth noting – they do deserve some time for sure. However, the article above merely points out the bandwagon mentality of marketers while putting Google+ in the appropriate perspective. If it’s ok for large swaths of the marketing world to toss around MySpace as a joke then how can Google+ possibly be put on any type of pedestal when it has less then a 2.5x the visitors? The trends don’t look promising either. However, that could change. Unless Google can redefine communication with Google+ they’ll probably never pass MySpace.


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