Google+ Killing It Even When They’re Not

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  • What if Google’s mission was to catalogue all the worlds sensor data would Google’s critics get it then. Film, music, photos are just less formal sources of knowledge than books. While it’s doing it’s thing Google can and should catalogue all the worlds scientific data points.

  • While this article notes the existence of the “very vocal voices” that have been “writing off Google+” since day one it also unfortunately buys into the false ‘ghost town’ narrative they have been pushing.

    It is not remotely true that Google+ “has not seen the stratospheric growth of Twitter or even Pinterest”. Google+ surpassed Twitter in number of active users reported by each around December of last year. Since then several studies from different sources using different methodologies have confirmed that Google+ is bigger than Twitter and all other social platforms except Facebook.

    Last month Google+ passed one BILLION registered user accounts. The naysayers claim that most people don’t realize they even have those accounts and never actually use them… but that is belied by the GWI survey which found that mobile users said that the top 4 apps they used were Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and Twitter… in that order. So then the naysayers claim that the survey must have been flawed, but that is belied by the Alexa study showing that Google+ is used far more than Twitter for measured social logins and gaining fast on Facebook. Et cetera.

    The reality is that Google+ usage is huge and growing fast. They last reported 390 million monthly active users at Google I/O in May. If the growth trend has continued, that’d be well over 500 million by now… roughly double the size of Twitter and half the size of Facebook.

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