Google+ Gets a Refresh: Super Size Cover Image, Local Review Tab & More

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  • I couldn’t agree more on point 1. In fact, it is really annoying. Worst part is, there’s no going back, once you clicked Yes. Yes, did read the warning, there was no going back. No, didn’t anticipate it to be so massive.

  • The new cover is much too big.
    I look after a couple of local business profiles and the huge cover image does not achieve what these organisations want when people land on their pages for the first time.

    Let’s hope they give those who chose to upgrade the option to go back or they (Google) may find users moving even closer to FB.

  • This size is rediculous — the cropping tools provided make it worse. They should allow users to decide on the height of their image at the very least

  • I personally hate the new image size. If someone does not have a larger image the smaller uploaded size gets pixilated and look horrible on my desktop. Now we have to redo our cover graphics, and sizing seems to be more of an issue. They are making it harder to use.

  • Hi Pam,

    Thanks for posting the information about the new Google+ images. I’m debating whether I should invest in having my designer put together an interesting graphic. However, I don’t know if Google+ will change it again in a month. Do you think these dimensions will be around for some time?

  • Who did they test this with… The Blind. And why can’t they just state the damn pixel size.

    They are as bad as Facebook for random changes with zero information.

    How can they be this g**damn stupid and still be in business.

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