Google+ for SEO? Don’t Focus on Your Brand Page!

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  • What scares me as an SEO is that Google seems to be sacrificing relevancy for the promotion of their G+ platform. If it doesn’t catch on quickly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a shift of search traffic move over to Bing.


    • Brodie, it is certainly a problem today, but I’m optimistic that just like Universal Search did, this will quickly be tempered and will become useful instead of obnoxious (yes, it is sometimes very obnoxious today…)

  • This is the most common sense article I have read about Google Plus. I would love to see some other articles this well written that starts from the absolute beginning and teaches me how to “do” the G+ thing.

    I mean, I have a circle that has more than 200 people in it and when I try to send them all something Google informs me that I can only send up to 100 recipients messages.

    So, am I suppose to make sure all my circles are 100 or less? Thanks for the nice post.

    • Thanks Scott!

      That’s one G+ question I can answer. If you want to specifically send a post to a circle, then yes, your circle’s need to be smaller. However, you normally will want to share it so they can see it, not have them be notified. Right click the circles it is shared with and uncheck notify, you should be all set.

      — @wittlake

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