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Google+ for Business: Why It’s Worth Your Time

Another Social Media Network?!

It’s almost been two full years since Google+’s official launch, and many people still don’t see the benefit of it over Facebook. Many of us have already invested so much into our personal Facebook network, much less our business Facebook pages – so starting all over from square one may sound incredibly unappealing. After all, Google+ is nothing more than a watered down clone of Facebook that no one uses, right?

Not quite.

Why Google+ is Worth your Time

Google+ is loaded with intuitive and innovative features that are unmatched on Facebook or any other social media network. It’s true that Google’s user-base seems a lot less engaged than on other websites, the infrastructure and groundwork of features like Circles, Hangouts, and others more than make up for its deficiencies. Google+ also boasts incredibly powerful search engine optimization benefits for any businesses or content creators that use its network. If Google+ just seems too empty for your business to consider, isn’t this the prime time to join before your competitors can entrench themselves in your market?

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The Google+ Demographic

This infographic provided by provides some great information about the demographic snapshot of Google+ as of February 2012. The full infographic can be found here.

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Find out more about Google+ on Wishpond’s Google+ Marketing Resource Page.

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  1. Beth Worthy says:

    I have came across your post, this really interesting.Its true that Google plus can do a lot more things for your business as t is loaded with intuitive and innovative features that are less matched with that of Facebook or any other social media network.It incredibly participates in boosting the website traffic ad improving the search engine traffic. It can connect you with other engaged professionals ad influencers in your field.

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