Google+ is Content Marketing on Fire

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  • I have to admit I haven’t been super excited about using Google+ but your article has me changing my tune. Thanks for opening my eyes. I think it is time!

    • Thanks for your comment Karen.

      It is definitely time! I expect there will a massive shift of resources towards Google+this year. You may as well get going while it’s still relatively quiet over there. :)

      Happy New Year!

  • Great post, Jeff. I wasn’t huge on Google+ initially, but the more I use it, the more I appreciate it. I love how Google is integrating all of the SEO factors, as well as adding hashtags to posts to further promote the cross-platform. I look forward to seeing people migrating to the channel instead of paying to play on other social channels.

  • Hi Sarah – Appreciate your comment. And you are right on – the more one uses Google+ the more you appreciate how it works and what it can do for your business.

    Also, another good point you make is that rather than paying too much to play on other platforms, it will be smart to make the most of Google+.

    All the best for an outstanding 2014!

  • Hi Jeff
    I think you are bang on the money with your post and G+ will become more and more relevant to search, but I do wonder if it will ever be taken up by the ‘masses’ like Facebook and become a really effective platform to reach and sell to a target audience, rather than, as you say, a technophiles community. I think it has the potential to be a better social platform for business than FB, or even LinkedIn, but it will need to be taken up en masse to make it the business tool we want it to be, which according to your post won’t be that long.
    Roll on that day I say!

  • Hi Jeff, thanks for sharing the article, it was a really interesting read.

    I’m currently investing time in Google+ for my business, but I have to admit that I find the interface confusing. Unlike Facebook, which takes a linear approach to posting information, Google+ seems all over the place, with many pages, communities and profiles vying for attention.

    Could you recommend any websites or books that would help me gain a clearer understanding of Google and thus improve my approach?

    Thank you.

  • Google+ has steadily paid attention to what works and what doesn’t. They have been generating a master plan on how to steal some of Facebook’s audience. 2014 is gonna be their year. Great article and I couldn’t agree more with the advice.

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