Getting Google+ to Play for your Team

Google+ is a powerful social network that can be used for many different reasons. While many businesses are using Facebook and LinkedIn to communicate with the team, there are several features Google+ offers that are better suited for teamwork and business settings. This article will show you how to use Google+ for your business team, and the best tips for going forward with this social network.


Perhaps one of the strongest features offered by Google+ is Circles. These are little nodes that allow you to organize your friends into different categories. You can have one circle for clients, another for family members and a third for team members. The real power comes into play when you realize how much easier this makes posting.

Facebook forces you to either make a public or private post. While this can work well in some circumstances, it forces you to limit your account exclusively to team members. Google+ allows you to message each circle privately. For example, you can make a post that only business team members will see.

This makes it much easier to stay in contact, and you don’t have to worry about business secrets or projects leaking into your other circles. This also keeps information more secure because people outside the business won’t be able to see the posts.

This feature is useful for people that need to constantly stay connected with the team. The Hangouts feature is basically a video chat. It allows all the team members to interact online about whatever project you are working on, but it also does more than this.

Hangouts allows members to share documents via Google Docs. There is also a whiteboard feature attached to Hangouts that enables you to brainstorm over the Internet with your team members. This is useful for fleshing out project details, and it helps keep the team together.


The Sparks feature can also be useful for team settings. This is especially true if the team members are expected to come together to create new ideas, or to stay on top of business developments in your niche. The Sparks feature finds articles, news stories and any new information online, and it delivers it directly to your account. All you need to do is specify your interests, and Google+ will deliver.

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This helps the team because it makes information gathering much easier. It can also make decision-making easier because you will have current information about your business’s niche.

Business Integration
Google+ is constantly gaining new tools that are useful for business. For example, Google+ easily integrates with Google Docs, and businesses need these tools all the time to function as a team. It allows every team member to work from one platform, and it makes sharing much easier.

For example, Google Reader makes it easier for team members to share links with each other, and the productivity benefits make it great for any business. This integration makes it easier for the team to work as a unit, and as individuals.

Additional Team Members
Google+ makes it easy to organize prospective team members. Most teams do not stay static. New members join in, and this allows the team to grow in terms of members and skills. Google+ allows you to interview people for a team position.

You can create a circle for prospective members. This enables you to keep track of them, and messaging them privately will be simple. Interviews can also be done over the Internet via Hangouts, and that makes the interview more convenient for everyone.

Adding the team member is also simple. Just move the person’s profile from the prospective’s circle to the team’s circle. It takes a few seconds, and it can dramatically help your business.

Google+ is one of the best social networks available for businesses and teamwork. There are many features that enable team members to stay in constant contact, and it also makes online collaboration very easy. Google+ not only makes teamwork easier, but it also increases productivity.

Try giving Google+ a try for your team. It doesn’t take long to create the circles, and the pre-installed tools are very useful. You can have Google+ helping your team in no time.

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