Five Easy Steps to Bake the Perfect Google+ Post

Google+ is not rocket science, although there are rocket scientists enjoying the platform. Yet each time I go on Google+ and check the stream I see people making the same type of posts that are not getting any +1, comments or shares. I challenge you to put in a little more effort and follow these simple steps to create a more rich Google+ experience.

Here are my five easy steps to bake the perfect Google+ post:

1. Pick a fun, interesting or smart topic to post. Use trending topics if you need some help which is located on the home page on the right side of the screen. This is also a great place to find people who are currently on Google+ to start a conversation with them on their posts.

2. Choose a bright, full size photo to run with your post. Do NOT drop a link and use the tiny photo. Please make sure you give proper attribution to the photographer. In Guy’s words, “if you don’t have the time to pick a great photo, don’t bother posting.” Post some eye candy to grab attention. Here are 3 versions of the same exact blog article. Which would you +1, comment on and/or share?

Dropped the link with a little text but the post photo didn’t pull through.

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Small photo with the link and added some text at the top.

Large photo with extra text in the title.

3. Tag some friends that you think might be interested in reading your post. Martin Shervington tagged a few friends and got a lot on engagement on this post.

4. Use hashtags so more people can find your content. It’s a great way to meet people and for other people to find your cool posts as well. I also like to add a little extra style into my text with the bold or italicized text.

5. Engage with everyone who comments or shares your material. Communication and engagement can’t and won’t happen if you aren’t there. Once you share your perfectly baked post, look around and join a conversation. Google+ folks are there to commoogle! Watch and learn from those who are rocking the platform and soon you will be too.

See, that’s not so bad! All 100% doable and easy, right? Nail these basics and you will see engagement and interaction pick up. Make a commitment to put in fifteen minutes a day on Google+ in the morning and at the end of the day for two weeks. I think you’ll see that you really like it and have started to build a new community. Be consistent, open to learning some new tricks and above all, ENJOY yourself!

Still have questions? Pick up What the Plus! by Guy Kawasaki which I call the unofficial guide to Google+. All the information above I learned from Guy in this book and also by his everyday Google+ activities. Disclosure — I wrote a guest chapter in the book. Read it first, Chapter 10+, Guy won’t mind.

Have any questions about Google+ posts? I’d love to help you. Hit me up in the comments and circle me on Google+.

Here is a Pinterest board that I created with Google+ tips. Enjoy and see you on G+!

Featured image courtesy of SweetShutter via Creative Commons.

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