Finally Achieving SEO Value from Google Plus!

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  • I did not understand title tags optimization. are you taking someone else’s link and renaming it for your benefit .That’s what I tool away and I do not think that’s what you want. please help

  • This is a very good article. I keep telling people Google+ is the future, I know some SEO & social marketers advise clients not to mess with G+, but I figured it out, it is because they do not get it so they just talk bad about it. anyways time will tell.

  • Great post, but “sharing anything on Google plus indexes it faster than submitting it via webmasters tool” is just plain wrong.. I have multiple tests and data points that show that many times, sharing, plussing, or even getting dozens of +1’s on a blog post/page does not get it indexed any faster.

    • Rand, I agree with your assessment of the sheer nonsense of telling people that just plussing or sharing a Google+ post will get it more quickly indexed, and especially implying that it will cause it to rank higher. It CAN get it indexed faster, but the effect is inconsistent.

      But I cannot share your charitable assessment that this is a “great post.” It is chock full of unwarranted leaps of logic, unsubstantiated claims, and appeals to experts with no links to their posts so we can see what was actually said.

      If the writer had done her homework she’d know that the Rand Fishkin study was quickly refuted by other SEO experts who pointed out things he hadn’t controlled for, and even Rand has backed down from the claims of that post.

      If anyone wants to see my full critique of this post, I have extensive commentary at

      Folks, there are a lot of really good, knowledgable SEO writers out there who know how to do research and careful testing, who know the difference between opinion and established test data, who now the difference between correlation and causation. Don’t settle for half-backed conjecture like this.

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