7 Tips to Improve the SEO of Your Google+ Profile

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  • Hi, I have been noticing results from my Google plus experiment as well. I notice my Google plus post turning up in search results. What surprises me is that some of the searches are only vaguely related to the keyword. That shows Google’s bias towards its own product, which is good for me.

    I also noticed that it is important to treat updates like a title tag. Updates are being treated like pages.

    I placed authorship on my blog and I have seen more than 100% jump in search traffic. Wow! What will happen when I get into more circles? that is my next task, how to get into more Google + circles.

    Thanks for the other tips, I had to share my encouraging results.

  • Thanks for this great post. I think the most important about social media in general is feeding Google Knowledge Base – i.e. give it enough information to establish who you are and what you do.

  • We have just added Google Authorship within the last week and I will be interested to see how much difference it will make to traffic and interaction from visitors.

  • Thanks for focusing on Google Plus. If you are not using google plus and google authorship. you will be regrate later on. google plus is social and business platform if you learn to use it. Google Authorship will be help you to build your brand.it will help you to establish your authorship over the net. eventually it will be your asset in online world.

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