6 Brands & Businesses Effectively Using Google+

All the hype around Google+ seems to have died down somewhat recently. The occasional client asks us to work with the Google social network, but for the most part it seems that the common perception is it’s yet to gain serious traction.

Google+ For Business

Whether you agree or disagree with the perception mentioned above, these brands and businesses are clearly leading the way in using the social network for business. Unlike Facebook, Google+ business pages cannot be used to provide giveaways or house competitions; meaning the focus is much more on interaction and innovative ways to communicate.

Google+ Cadbury's Business Page

Cadbury’s UK Google+ Page

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The first thing of note when you visit the page is the visual nature of their logo. The use of the classic purple company colour along with the mention of the Olympic sponsorship is the perfect use of the space provided. They are even running a HangOut event live from the Royal Albert Hall during which you can talk with their special guest at the Olympic team GB event.They have also amassed over 1 million +1′s and are circling nearly 1500 users themselves. Really nice use of the G+ features.

Dell Google+ Business Page

Dell Google+ Page

There’s nothing that blows you away upon first impressions when visiting Dell’s Google+ business page, but look a little closer and you will see quiet efficiency. I am yet to see another page utilizing the recommended links as well as they do. There’s mention of all their social media channels and website URLs.

H&M Google+ Page

H&M Google+ Business Page

Back in February, the fashion retailer had the highest amount of ‘circlers’ of any Google+ business page, that says it all really! How did they achieve this? Well as of a couple of months ago they were the most active of any brand on the Google social network.

New York Times Google+ Page

Ny Times Google+ Business Page

Another example of a brand using the HangOut feature effectively. The NY Times Google+ page has grown rapidly in only a few months, with over 370,000 having circled them so far. The use of images is also quite innovative – a quick look today shows they appear to be reviewing the past year’s news with images of various news and events from around the world.

Android Google+ Page

Android Google+ Business Page

A quick glance at the Android page and you make be mistaken for thinking that it’s nothing special, and considering that Android is a part of Google – that would be a major surprise. However, their posts are so engaging that each update tends to be highly engaging and over 50% of the posts I read have been “+1′d” well over 500 times. A shame they haven’t added any video though.

And Finally…

Technically this is not a brand or business page at all, but it may as well be. Richard Branson is probably the most active individual celebrity or business owner on Google+ right now, and he is both. He constantly updates his followers about the many facets of his Virgin business (all his individual companies have their own page, even Vigin Galactic). Testament to his evergreen popularity in the UK, he’s constantly posting videos and photos sharing his latest projects and good causes. I have great respect for Richard Branson for many reasons, but i’d be really interested to know if he updates this page himself or if he has a PA?

So folks, do you agree the above do the Google+ page well? Can they do better? Do you have examples of even better interaction from brands?

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