5 Reasons to Create a Google+ Local Page for Your Business

Google+ Local Business Pages are a great way to enhance the online presence of your business. The pages feature several sections such as “About” and “Photos”, a Google Map of your location, business highlights, reviews, and more! So let’s get right into why you should create your own Google+ Local Business Page:

1. It’s free, so why not? Creating a Google+ Local Page puts all your vital business information up on one more place on the web where prospective customers can find you, with added bonuses. The information you enter on your Google+ Local Business Page also gets cross referenced through other Google services like Maps and Search, and it is important to have your business information readily to customers that find you through those resources. Again, it’s free — so just do it!

2. Mobile friendliness. How many of you out there have a business website that is mobile friendly? From what I’ve seen in searches I’ve conducted on mobile devices, not too many business owners have insured that their websites can provide customers with nicely formatted information across the full spectrum of available mobile phones and tablets. Creating a Google+ Local Page insures that important information about your business will be at a customer’s fingertips when they search for you on Google using Mobile Devices. Many people search this way while they’re on the go, so it is important for businesses to nicely present important information about their establishment like address, phone number, website, photos, and hours of operation. A Google+ Local Page lets you show customers all this in a way that mobile devices display in an easy to understand manner. Furthermore it gives them the ability to instantly place a call to you or navigate via GPS to your location.

3. Reviews! If you’re good at what you do and have loyal, happy customers — reviews can really make your page shine. People love to read positive reviews and it does influence their decision making when it’s time to choose among competing businesses in the same industry or category. Reviews are internet word of mouth!

4. Show off your Business with photos. Customers love seeing pretty pictures, so if you’ve spent a great deal of time and money designing and decorating the interior and exterior of your business, why not highlight the most appealing features. Your Google+ Local Page allows you to upload photos and displays 6 photos at the top of the page as well as a full gallery of images when you click on the “Photo” tab. Photos add life and vibrance to your page, and they allow customers to visually connect with your business in a way that just isn’t possible with text alone.

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5. Bring customers inside your business for 360 degree views with Google Street View Technology. If you’re familiar with Google Street View, then you know that you can zoom into Google Maps and “walk” up and down almost any street for a virtual tour of the neighborhood. Well, now not only can you walk up the street — but you can walk into businesses that decided to add Google Business Photos to their Google+ Local Page. The catch – it isn’t free. In order to get Google Business Photos, a business owner must contact a Google Trusted Photographer and set up an appointment for a photo session. The service includes the Virtual Tour (check out the one below!) and a set of 10-15 professional photographs of your business. Rates vary based on your location, but once your tour and photos are published they will be permanently available through Google+ Local, Google Maps, and Google Search. This service is amazing for any business that has interior features that are worth showing off!

Sign up for a free Google+ Local Page here: https://plus.google.com/pages/create

For an example of a really nice Google+ Local Page see: Ducati Triumph NYC’s Page

To contact a Google Trusted Photographer and get a Virtual Tour for your Business just fill out the form here: www.InsideBusinessNYC.com

To see what a new Google Business Photos Virtual Tour looks like, see below! You can click and drag the screen, click on the arrows to “walk” around, and you can also zoom in on things in the distance.

Ducati Triumph NYC Virtual Tour on Google+ Local:

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