5 Reasons to Consider Google Plus in Your Social Media Marketing Plan

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  • Was looking to put a chat room on my site under homework group but after looking at google hangouts wanted to ask if you can help me put that on the site. Do you think that would be better?

  • I always thought that giving equal importance and time to different social media accounts is a good strategic plan. Which in a way is partly true I think. It’s always good to allocate time and effort to different social media accounts for engagement. But I never really realized that google plus has this greater impact compared to the rest.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  • and one huge reason to include google in your business in the light of the way they destroyed google reader

    google can not be trusted;
    google is self conceited and a money whore
    google is evil

  • All these are good reasons to get into Google Plus ASAP. Which is exactly what countless people are doing right now.

    Actually, the very fact that it is growing so rapidly is an asset in itself. I’ve found that once you have a bit of a footprint on the site you don’t have to do much to grow your network further. People keep finding and following you of their own volition.

  • I think hangouts and leveraging the AdWord is the best part of G+. hangout is a great way to connect with not just customers, but also anyone around the global, and +1 of AdWord is just priceless for the business prospect.
    Thanks for rest of the valuable points.

  • Hi all,
    Thanks for considering my post.
    @William Melvin –
    Yes, Google Hangout website integrations better. It allows you to develop collaborative apps that run inside of a Google+ Hangout. Hangout apps behave much like normal web apps, but with the addition of the rich, real-time functionality provided by the Hangouts APIs.
    Refer to the following video tutorial on how to integrate Google Hangout on your website.

  • Great tips on how to leverage social media marketing.Most of the small businesses utilize social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote their products and services. I have to say that I know some small businesses owners who benefited a lot from the use these social media sites.

  • Awesome list, G+ has all the access we need to all social medias. leveraging the AdWord is very effective on promoting your company and products. I can say that G+ is a friendly tools. Thank you for interesting post!

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