5 Big Reasons Why You Should Consider Google Plus Marketing

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  • Our only problem with Google + is that our targeted audience does not use it widely enough for our message to reach a big audience. Otherwise we like the interface, usability, and features more than any other social media.

  • Hi Michael, I wouldn’t regard this as a problem. Remember that Google+ is just one ingredient in the mix. When you posted your first message on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn or Instagram, I’m sure your following was small too. It is not the tool that is important, it is the message that you send out, to market your brand. I’m sure there will be Web users in your target group who will prefer Google+ over Facebook, Twitter over LinkedIn, Instagram over Google+. So the solution should be a targeted (message) inclusive (diverse tools) approach.

    • Thanks for the reply Volker. I think your comment is exactly right. I only meant that many more of my customers and audience are already established with facebook and twitter. We actually use Google+ way more than any other social media because of the benefits described in this article, and because we really like the interface of Google+. Just waiting for everyone else to figure out how awesome it is….

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