4 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Should Include Google+ in 2013

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    • Good post Sean. Agree with the other commentors who have highlighted communities as a positive step forward for Google+. We have already started to see discussion building within the communities we have set up on behalf of our clients, even within niche market segments – 2013 looks promising for Google+ and those involved.

  • I may get castigated for saying so, but G+ has had a higher collective IQ of users than some other sites since its launch. Granted, there are people of all walks of life, but the engagement feels more intelligent and people that follow businesses tend to engage with more purpose than on other sites I’ve belonged to.
    Your article was well done, and I think your advice is spot on. I’ve gained a lot of business from G+ over the past year.

  • Could you suggest a good primer for somebody like me,planning to start out on G+.
    Wishing you and everybody at Weidert Group a Healthy,Happy and Prosperous New Year.

  • Thanks for writing this article so those that have been hesitant to check out G+ before may have some more guidance. I guess I’m just a G+ Fanboy as I saw the SEO benefits in the Platform quite a while ago and have not ‘looked back’ since.

    I guess writing that it has ‘finally matured’ enough to be worth looking at, makes it less threatening for those that did not want to join the party earlier… and allows them to save face for entering now.

  • Google+ should really be among the tools you should put high importance and focus on this year. Definitely, it’s not meant to replace Facebook and the other social media platforms (where you’ve already built your connections), but let’s just face it – it’s Google. Thanks for your insights, Sean. Great read.

  • Thank You for your article, Sean! I was just looking for answer – why to create G+page, discussing with other artists – is it worth to spend time on it! After reading your list of reasons – I start to be more positive about it!

  • at first it’s really hard to understand how G+ works, well even at this moment, I’am still trying to catch up with the G+, still reading things on how we can maximize its use, the things that can help cater whatever industry we are in and all those sorts, thanfully there are articles like this that helps us.

  • Sean, thank you for taking the time to put this article together. It is the single bets piece I have seen on Google+ and its utilization as a marketing catalyst. I have been on G+ for a while but have not leveraged well. In 2013 I plan to change that, thanks to you! Have a great and prosperous year!

  • Google+ is becoming popular to social marketers. If you are thinking of marketing your product, I think the Google+ must be the first on your list not just because its Google but because of 3 other reasons.Thanks for this article Sean!

  • In my opinion, Google+ is great. People just haven’t warmed up to it. Personally, I stay on Facebook… but that’s only because all of my contacts are still there. I would migrate to G+ in a heartbeat if only I could get my usual connections on it as well, but they’re not about to join my little “revolution” any time soon, given that they also have plenty of friends on Facebook that they’d be leaving behind.

  • do think 2013 will be the year for Google+. It has already gained so many users by providing elements that other social media sites do not. However, I am not sure opening business pages to the public is a good idea. I think it might damage the SPAM-free factor that users are really enjoying.

  • Sean, nobody beat up on Circles — that was the best part of the initial launch. The issue was lack of controls over those circles — meaning, people thought they were messaging a circle, but instead hit everyone (a very public example happened with a Google employee). I agree that people need to be using G+. As a technology evangelist, I’m always looking for additional content delivery mechanisms, and the G+ footprint is growing. But its not the G+ page/space that will make it important going forward, but how Google incorporates it into their other properties and partners with other tools/sites to provide an integrated solution. Social works best when it is an unbranded, unseen layer of fabric between workloads. I’m interested to see how G+ adapts to that future.

  • Catching up after a year of totaly neglecting G+ and liking what I see now, and Sean, great article and content but what I liked even more is the quality of you writing.
    I’m so tired of people writing 567… words before they ever get to the point, that self adoring attitude is so time consuming for readers. With English not being my native language, I find it hard to filter the unnecessary but I wouldn’t want to miss anything either.
    Your content is concrete, right on the point and a big thanks for that!

  • I was completely underwhelmed by Google plus at first but find myself slowly warming to it,Id be amazed if there was no link between Google plus local and link juice, its actually quite good for connecting to people /organisations who are ‘thought Leaders’ to pinch the in vogue term

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