12 Surprisingly Powerful Long-term Social Marketing Business Usages With Google Hangouts

Are you familiar with Google Hangouts?

It’s the free video service Google offers where you can video chat with up to 10 people at once.    You can view them at via your Google Plus profile.

And while it’s great for personal and social communications, it’s also highly applicable to business marketing endeavors online as well.  There are many aspects and techniques to increasing your business visibility online, and Google Hangouts can be benefit virtually all of them.  Consider:

Google Hangouts and YouTube:

When you create a Hangout, it gets automatically uploaded to YouTube.  This means you now have an additional marketing channel; one that’s within the most popular and trafficked sites on the Internet.

Thus, create one Hangout, and watch it appear in two places – your Google Plus profile, AND your Youtube channel. Because a large number of visitors resonate more with videos than simply reading a page, this increases your reach online.

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Google Hangouts and SEO:

Since Google owns YouTube and Google owns, well, the Google search engine, it makes sense that Google will favor Hangouts videos in search results. After all, the more people who see a Hangout, the better for Google.

So if you create a series of Google Hangouts with your specific keywords and branding, it will increase your own visibility within the biggest search engine of the m all.


Chris Brogan’s Google Hangouts Tips

Google Hangouts and Facebook:

Chances are, if you’re online at all, you’re on Facebook. Right? These days, it seems like everyone has a Facebook profile and often a Facebook Business page too!

Google Hangouts make it easy to draw and share attention via Facebook. For example, consider this page:

In particular, the photos shared at Industry Thought Leaders Photostream .

Just think how you could apply that technique for your own scheduled hangouts!

Even if you choose not to interview, you use Google Hangouts simply to connect with your audience like this example:

Notice how the name of the presenter, and the brand in question, is up front and personal?

You can share these types of Hangouts on your social pages as well.


Google Hangouts and Pinterest:

Pinterest is a hugely popular, visual social networking site where users can “pin” not only images…but videos as well.

You can create a Pin board specifically for your Google Hangouts videos, thus adding yet another layer of visibility to your marketing.   Every Hangout you pin gives your audience one more opportunity connect with you visually, increasing the “Know, Like and Trust” factor so critical with today’s social marketing.

Google Hangouts and Niche Marketing:

Niche marketing can simply be viewed as focusing and dominating one particular niche, be that dog training, iron-welding, food appreciation, extreme sports or the like.

Not only can you create Hangouts for your own take on particular niche aspects, but you can also take the lead and organize weekly Hangouts to highlight other experts too.   Crafty Hangouts is an example of one such niche marketing; it features a slew of crafters who flock to this site to highlight their Hangout tutorials.

Google Hangouts and Offline:

Depending upon how your offline business is structured, Google Hangouts is a goldmine for local business marketing.

Recruiters could offer a Q&A Hangout and invite job seekers to signup and participate. Spa owners could offer weekly Hangouts that describe the benefits of specific massages/services. Jewelry store owners could provide Hangouts that discuss how to choose engagement rings, how to clean jewelry and the like.

Remember – Google Hangouts rank well in search engines, so if a local business offered a weekly hangout and made sure to use their town, name and keywords in the description/title, it would help their visibility greatly only.

Google Hangouts and Mobile:

More and more of Internet surfing and interactions are done via mobile and smart phone devices. Google hasn’t missed a step regarding allowing mobile users to benefit from Hangouts as well – Google Hangouts for Android makes participating in Hangouts easy.

Google Hangouts and Newbies:

One thing Hangouts does supremely well – it gives people who are nervous or a beginner online a very simple way to watch and learn from live video training.

And once comfortable with that, it’s a simple step to move towards using Google Hangouts to creating one’s own videos on the fly. The more you practice, the better you become; Hangouts remove the video stumbling block of postprocessing, manual uploading and the like. It’s a great way to dip one’s toes into a new environment and get off on the right start.

Google Hangouts and Curation:

Google Hangouts benefit Curation (the art of gathering authority content and showcasing it in one spot) very effectively indeed. Not only can specific Hangouts videos be curated, but you can turn the concept of curation on its head and interview industry/niche leaders for their personal input.  These interviews can then be gathered in one spot on your brand website to build up an authoritative library of niche content.

Google Hangouts automatically generate transcriptions; you can gather these, clean them up and post them to your blog, create a Kindle book and more.

Google Hangouts and Traffic:

Google Hangouts rank very favorably within Google Search engine.  Every time you create a Hangout, it gets indexed within Google Proper.   Create a series of Google Hangouts week after week and you will see an increase of Search Engine rankings for your particular keywords.

The more visible you are in Google, the more traffic your business will receive. Add to that the traffic generated from social sites like Pinterest and Facebook and Google Hangouts gives you a powerful traffic increase.

Google Hangouts and eMail Marketing:

Are you promoting your own products or affiliate products via your emails? If so, you can create a Hangout that not only highlights the benefits but also includes the affiliate link in the video description as well.

Google Hangouts and Pull Marketing:

This is one of the most powerful benefits of Google Hangouts. Marketing these days is moving from PUSH marketing (where you send out emails and promotions) to PULL marketing (where people proactively seek you out every day to see what new goodies you’re offering).

In a nutshell:

Google Hangouts brings increased social signals and video marketing to any business online

If a solopreneur or business owner has never before ventured into promoting their services via video, Google Hangouts offers a very simple way to test the waters.   Make sure you add that into your business plans today.

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    Google Hangouts is a very effective way to communicate your knowledge to other People through videos and well didn’t know it gets uploaded to Youtube which is a really great benefit because Google Index Keywords from Videos and see on the Search Results, excellent information thank you!

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