10 Tips: How Not to Use Google Plus

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  • I’ve been living with my eccentric EVP, husband’s focus on G+ for two weeks now and giggle at this fascinating list of tips/tactics. Hmmm, should I share with him? Or keep this to myself??!!

    Bottom line, switched my own corp platform over to the big “G” this week and am seriously pleased!

    Thanks Googlers!

  • Great article! We have recently created a google+ profile, but we’re having difficulty with a certain aspect. The business picture, that appears on the right of google searches, next to the map of your location, how on earth do you change this? Ours is pulling a random picture through from our website – no idea why this is? Tried changing profile picture (presumed this would be the picture that would be used) but to no avail. Any help would be most appreciated. Tried multiple searches online, but the only article I find details how to change the profile pictrure, which is pretty self explanatory in any case.

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