10 Things You Need to Know About Google+ Local Reviews

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  • Steve McIlree says:

    Business owners should also be aware that many users will be shown a default page by G+ Local which may reflect a city several hundred miles from their actual location. Users have been complaining about this since Local first went live, and Google’s response is that “it’s a known problem”.

  • JV Aquino says:

    The problem regarding Google+Local review is the stick rate of the review. Even if you have lots of client to post review on your Google+Local page, there are no guarantee that it will all stick. Google+Local Review Algo is so aggressive, even the legit review has been flagged and deleted.

  • Hi Lindsay:
    Great article. I especially like your point about addressing both positive and negative reviews. Most business owners only address negative reviews, if they address them at all. What they don’t consider is this. If you don’t address positive reviews, the people who wrote them are going to see you as being ungrateful. They will end up with a lower opinion of you after writing their review than they had of you before they wrote a review. When you respond to their positive review with a “Thank You,” they will have a much higher opinion of you and your company. This is why it’s critical to respond to positive reviews. Thanks again for a very, very good article.

  • Jason says:

    While I appreciate the superstitious decision to not include an unlucky No. 7, the revised headline should read “9 Things You Need to Know About Google+ Local Reviews.” ;) Good article.

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